How to Keep Your House Safe for Your Senior Loved One

How to Keep Your House Safe for Your Senior Loved One

Aging in place is a wonderful experience. Most seniors, when given a chance, prefer retiring at the comforts of their own home over living in long-term care facilities. It is not surprising if your loved one feels the same. The question, though, is how safe your home is for the elderly.

Aging in place is a great idea; however, you must make necessary adjustments to improve your home’s accessibility, functionality, safety, and security for your senior loved one. To truly make your home a more comfortable and safe place, make sure to follow these tips:

  • Provide Proper Lighting

    The majority of seniors struggle with poor eyesight. Poor lighting increases the risk of sustaining injuries from accidents. Make sure that areas such as hallways, stairs, entrances, and exits are well lit especially during the night.

  • Increase Accessibility

    Seniors experience difficulty with mobility. This is the reason why a home needs to be modified to increase accessibility. Entryways and exits widened, thresholds reduced or removed, doorknobs replaced with levered handles, steps flanked with handrails-these are just some of the home improvements you have to make.

  • Decrease Risk of Falls

    Fall-related accidents are the leading cause of hospital emergency department treatment of seniors. To avoid slipping, tripping, and falling, make sure to remove any floor materials that may cause falls, such as carpets and rags. Remove clutter or any objects that obstruct passageways and always keep the floor dry.

  • Hire a help

    Creating a safer environment for a loved one does not end with home improvements. Safeguard your loved one’s well-being better by arranging for senior care. Senior Care programs are specially designed to respond to the changes brought by aging in terms of health care, personal care, and safety.

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