4 Common Signs of Depression in the Elderly


Depression used to be a taboo topic to some societies because not a lot of research and publication has been done on it and information about it was not as widespread as it is today. Today we understand that depression can happen to anyone–even the happiest of comedians or clowns. The elderly is not an exception. Here are some signs to tell if your loved one has depression:

  • Sudden Shift in Mood. If your loved one was once jolly and interactive with people around but now does not seem to talk too much, it could be one sign. Sudden bouts of rage and anger may also be a giveaway. If you notice this, it would be wise to talk to your loved ones about it just to get them to speak. If they refuse to talk, just be with them physically.
  • Loss of Appetite. You may notice changes in eating behavior. While having a change in appetite may not always be an effect of depression, it is one of the signs most people exhibit when having depression. Your loved ones may eat less and less or even refuse to eat anymore. When this happens, it is good to make something special like their favorite food.
  • Lack of Energy and Motivation. You can tell people are depressed when they keep themselves in their bedroom or when they refuse to do social activities like going to the park or talking. Sometimes the change in mood is a reason for the lack of motivation to do normal activities. It would be helpful to reach out and have them join you for some physical activity that will get their blood pumping and bring happy hormones to the brain.
  • Extreme Sadness. Being sad for long lengths of time is a contributing factor to having depression, and if your loved ones are left alone for periods of time with no one to talk to, there are high chances of feeling sad. As they say, “No man is an island”, so being without anyone to converse with can bring sorrow. It is wise to have someone to keep them company and have some conversations with.

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