How to Keep Your Bones Healthy in Your Golden Years?


As women reach their forties, they tend to experience menopausal symptoms. It is an inevitable natural cycle that each woman will undergo. Once a woman stops having her period, her ovaries will produce lesser estrogen which could contribute to the deterioration of your bone density.

When this happens, it is always best to keep our lifestyle in check so we can make the necessary adjustments to avoid further bone density loss. Our home care services in Brockton, MA, the Mass Care Services Inc., promote wellness among our patients. We believe that senior care is not just about giving the right medication but it is also about living a healthy lifestyle.

  • What to eat?

    One thing that can keep us from having healthy bones even if we are already fifty years old is the food that we eat. If we do away from junk foods and processed foods and replace them with protein, nuts, legumes, beans and other healthy alternatives, it can keep our bones healthy.

  • Do we need to exercise?

    A healthy diet is nothing if we do not pair it with exercise. Some of the suggested exercises to promote healthy bones are walking, jogging, dancing and other stepping exercises. When our legs and muscles are used to physical activity, they will strengthen your bone’s endurance.

  • What should I take?
  1. More calcium!

    If you feel the first signs of knee pains or any kind of muscle pains, then this must be an indicator that your bones need some tender loving. The best way to keep our bones healthy is by adding more calcium to your diet. You can drink milk or a healthy dairy option in your meal.

  2. Foods rich in Vitamin D

    Another nutrient that you might want to add in your diet is Vitamin D. The best sources of vitamin D is often found in fatty fishes, eggs, and cereals. You can check your nearest supermarket to check more healthy alternatives.

For more healthy tips on how to take care of your bones, you can ask our experts at Mass Care Services Inc., your one-stop provider for all your healthcare services in MA. For details, you can check our website at or call us at 508-894-0060.

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