How to Create an Exercise Plan That’s Beneficial to the Elderly

How to Create an Exercise Plan That’s Beneficial to the Elderly

The benefits that people earn from exercising is next to nothing. It is advisable even for elders who are already bedridden. Daily exercise helps elders maintain a healthy and strong physique. There are myths about exercise that prevents people from exercising. These myths were created from a long time ago but are carried over up to this generation. Some of the elders believed these myths to be true and they use it as a reason not to exercise. Families need to identify the myths of exercise from the truth.

Myths elders believe versus the truth

  • Myth: “I don’t need to exercise because it’s no use, I’m getting older anyway.”

    Truth: Regular exercise keeps the body feel and look healthy. This means that elderly can stay independent in the comfort of their own home longer. Exercising also minimizes the risks for mental related diseases like Alzheimer’s and many more.

  • Myth: “I might fall when I exercise.”

    Truth: Constant exercise helps improve muscle tone and bone mass thus improving balance and gait. It reduces the risk of falling.

  • Myth: “I can no longer be like how I was when I was young.”

    Truth: Performance and strength decline as people age. Stamina and performance levels are also affected by normal aging. That is the reason why activities have to be matched with what elderlies are capable of doing. Yes, exercise can no longer bring the athletic or strong physical body you used to have, but it can give you a healthier lifestyle to help avoid negative effects of aging.

  • Myth: “It’s too late for me to start exercising.”

    Truth: It’s never too late to decide on a healthy lifestyle. People of different age groups can exercise whenever they decide that being healthy is the best choice. There are exercise routines available that are best suited to an elderly’s physique and strength.

  • Myth: “I can’t exercise, I am disabled.”

    Truth: With the latest innovations that we have nowadays, nothing is impossible when it comes to exercising. Therapists and specialists are fully equipped in making sure that even those bedridden are able to exercise. There are exercise routines available that can be done even when sitting on a chair or lying in bed.

To summarize, whatever is your age and condition, there is always a perfect exercise routine for you. Exercise is good for the body and it will always be.

Mass Care Services, Inc. provides skilled nursing services to elderlies who wish to stay in the comfort of their own home. Our licensed professionals can assist elderlies in performing their exercise routines safely and securely. We can also help you work on an exercise plan to make sure that you can maximize its health benefits. Our Home Care Services in Brockton, MA is focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle while at home.

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