How Senior Citizens Can Start Exercising

How Senior Citizens Can Start Exercising

Many people give up on exercise by the time they reach their golden years. Some do not have the motivation or some reason out that they’re too old or out of shape to start exercising. Some even fear that it’s too late to make that difference. Luckily, these are all myths.

The Benefits of Exercise

According to Dr. Chhanda Dutta from the National Institute on Aging, “Exercise is almost always good for people of any age.” Regular exercise can make you stronger, improve balance and coordination, and even breathe easier.

“A lot of the symptoms that we associate with old age—such as weakness and loss of balance—are actually symptoms of inactivity, not age,” says Dr. Alicia I. Arbaje from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

The benefits of exercise also go beyond just physical. It has been found to boost memory and prevent degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. It can even make you happier! Exercises release endorphins in your body which decrease pain and put you in a positive mood.

  • Consult Your Doctor

    Before you start exercising, consult your doctor from Mass Care Services, Inc. about your exercise plan and ask if you’re clear to do these exercises, especially if you have limited mobility or a condition. Maybe your doctor can even suggest activities for you to do.If your doctor recommends assistance while you exercise, have a family member help you or opt to have Senior Care services.

  • Start Small

    It’s always a good idea to start with small to moderate activities to get your body used to exercising. Don’t shock your body with a heavy workout on the first day. Go for a 15-minute walk. Bike around the neighborhood. Do some stretching in your backyard. Remember to do some warm-up exercises!

  • Make it Fun

    If you’re dreading exercise, think of activities you enjoy and incorporate them into your exercise routine. If you love music, put on some earphones while you take a walk. Dancing is a good way to sweat it out and have fun. Walk laps around the mall while you window shop or watch your favorite movie while you’re on the treadmill.Be creative in making your exercise plan and you’ll find yourself looking forward to it more and more. Soon, you’ll be reaping all the amazing benefits of regular exercise!

  • Do it Regularly

    Don’t just exercise when you feel like it—make it a habit! Plan your activities for the week and make sure to have some variety: cardio on Monday, strength training on Wednesday, and yoga on Friday. Tip: Set a goal each week to keep you extra motivated.

Living a healthier and better life is easy to achieve if you put some effort into it! If you need assistance or would like to know more about our Home Care Services in Brockton, MA, visit our website at Got a burning question? Call us at 508-232-6226 or at 508-894-0060.


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