Exercise: What’s in It for Your Elderly Loved One

Exercise: What’s in It for Your Elderly Loved One

Exercise is healthy for the body. It helps people feel active, invigorated, and enthusiastic. When exercise is done on a daily basis, it helps in the prevention of many known diseases. Strong muscles and healthy joints for elders are all because of exercise and healthy habits. If your seniors at home are not exercising, it’s never too late for them to start now.

Exercise brings lots of benefits to the elders’ mood, mindset, emotional status, and physical condition. It can also improve their social skills. Because of the elder’s physical state, it’s not advisable for the family to fully trust them to exercise on their own. They are always at risk of falls and accidents because of their gait and balance. This is the true reason why elderlies often lead sedentary lives. Is this a good way of keeping them safe from risk? We guess not.

By not letting them exercise, your elderlies might be missing the healthy and important advantages of exercising.


Physical Advantages

  • Exercise helps elders maintain a healthy weight. Aging slows down the body’s metabolism that’s why maintaining a healthy weight is quite challenging for them. By doing regular exercise, they don’t just increase their body’s metabolism, they also build muscles.
  • Regular exercise reduces the harmful effects of some age-related illnesses. Exercising boosts the immune system and enhances the performance of the major body systems like the digestive system and circulatory system.
  • It promotes healthy physical condition. Other than strength, exercise also enhances muscle tone. Posture greatly benefits from exercise too, thus reducing the risk of falls and accidents.

Mental Health Advantages

  • Exercise helps elders to have a good night sleep. There are exercises for elders that promotes deep sleep quickly and wake up feeling recharged and refreshed.
  • It enhances their self-confidence. Exercise relieves stress and helps in the release of the hormone endorphins into the bloodstream which relieves the feeling of sadness and anxiety. Exercise is known to prevent depression in many cases.
  • Exercising boosts mental functionality. It helps in nurturing the elder’s memory thus preventing early memory loss and dementia. It has also been established that it alleviates the tremendous progression of any cognitive disorders.

There are a lot of ways to make exercise more enjoyable, especially to the elderly community. Exercising in groups is very common nowadays because it doesn’t just keep them healthy physically, it also enhances their social and emotional condition. Services that help elderlies perform daily tasks including exercise are now available.

Mass Care Services, Inc. offers Home Care Services in Brockton, MA. One of the services that we offer is companionship. This type of service helps elders function independently at the comfort of their own home. We only hire the most trusted and experienced caregivers to perform elderly care. The care options that we offer are competent and cost-effective.

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